Where you belong!

First Baptist, Maud, is made up of people who love the Lord, Jesus Christ, and are earnestly seeking to follow His will! We are imperfect people. Each of us has our own struggles and challenges to face and each one of us has fallen short of God’s glory and expectations. Instead of hiding from this, we seek to expose this truth to the healing grace of Jesus Christ. We believe that only by His grace and His shed blood can we have forgiveness of our sin and hope of being transformed into the image of Christ.

Each time we meet, we are seeking to bring glory to God and to experience a transformation of our lives. We know that we’re imperfect, but we don’t want to stay that way. Each day we follow Christ is a day that He molds us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Each day is another day to be molded by the One, True, God.

If the Lord is leading you on a similar journey; one that does not start with perfection, and is not happy with just staying away from who the Lord is calling you to be, please consider joining us at FBC Maud. This is a place where you can belong!

God Bless! – Chuck Carr, Pastor